Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Critics are having Lunch

We are delighted to offer you a wonderful opportunity to visit one of Ireland's best country houses - Longueville House just outside of Mallow. William O'Callaghan and his wife Aisling are famous for their outstanding food and hospitality and more so for their excellent Apple Brandy & Cider. 

The Critics are invited to lunch on Sunday, 2nd February at 1pm. Lunch includes a starter buffet that includes homemade sausages transformed into delicious sausage rolls, homemade soup, home-cured meats, salads, homegrown vegetables and much much more. Main course is an affair of love and care and the dessert buffet will make it next to impossible to try them all. The day also includes a visit to the Apple Brandy Distillery for which Longueville House has won several awards at home and abroad. 

The 500 acre farm of Longueville House provides the restaurant with fresh seasonal vegetables, fruit and herbs while the woodland pork, spring lamb, woodcock, snipe, pheasant & duck come straight from the estate, depending on the season. Fresh River Salmon and Brown Trout are available when in season coming straight from The Blackwater River that runs through the Longueville Estate. A 25 acre apple orchard from which William produces his own craft apple cider, known simply as Longueville House Cider. In addition they an apple brandy, known as Longueville House Apple Brandy, made in the calvados style. The busy Longueville bees who live in the orchards produce honey for the house,  hens lay fresh eggs daily and even the drinking water comes from their own wells. Self-Sufficiency at its best and that long before it came into fashion. All this ensures that guests are enjoying the best of Irish food and hospitality. 

So, please join us for this amazing event.

Critic's Lunch at Longueville House
Sunday, 2nd February 2014
Incl. visit to distillery

A special offer from Longueville House for the Critics - The January offer of €70 for an overnight stay has been extended for the Critics. Why not take Monday off and stay overnight and enjoy a beautiful breakfast the next morning. 

As this is the first time, the Critics are leaving Cork City, we are organising a bus service that will leave from the City Centre and returning to the City Centre. This service is not included in the price of €38 but will be added to everyone who is availing of the service. Please state at time of booking if you like to use the service at additional costs (price depends on numbers of people using the service). 

Bookings as always via biasasta@hotmail.com - please provide your credit card details at time of booking to secure your place (please note, the card will not be charged - only in the event of a no-show)

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