Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Irish Buffalo Butter

Courtesy of Bibliocook
If you know me, you will know that I try to buy local as much as I can (and afford). I was happy when I heard that we have now the real Buffalo Mozzarella made here in County Cork and buy it in the English Market on a regular basis at the Olive Stall. In addition to the Buffalo mozzarella - which you can buy loose rather than in plastic bags - the Olive Stall also offers a mozzarella cream. Imagine this - fresh baked crusty bread and fresh mozzarella cream on top with some chopped sundried tomatoes and a glass of chilled on a plate.

Toonebridge Dairy has really pushed the boat out - they have been featured on TV, in magazines and newspapers. You could say their mozzarella is famous. But that doesn't mean that they are resting on their laurels. They have now launched their Buffalo Butter - yeap, you heard me.

Irish Buffalo Butter
When I saw it last week at the Olive Stall I had to buy it. And Sunday morning fry-up was entirely done using the butter. The butter is very white and one could think of lard. Texture is not as smooth as in butter and it smells stronger than cows butter. But it is the flavour that wins me over.

It is stronger than cows butter and almost a bit 'meaty' - the fry up tastes fantastic. The mushrooms and hash browns browned beautifully and the 'meatiness' of the butter went amazingly well with the mushrooms. The eggs tasted different without being overpowered by the butter.

When adding the butter to the hot pan, it started melting evenly and didn't splatter much - a good sign of not having added water to it.

With €3.50 for 250g it is dearer than cows butter but it is worth as a treat. I am not sure if I would use it for baking unless I am making a meat pie or crust for a terrine but it is also nice on fresh baked bread (didn't use it with jam tho - just cheese)

Have you tried it yet?? If so, let me know your thoughts

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