Monday, August 20, 2012

Camden Fort Meagher

Lovely Dresser
Sunday is always one of these days where you think you should do something but are not really in the mood for anything. We were stuck with the same dilemma last Sunday. Weather didn't look too promising and we just had a lazy breakfast which didn't get us in the mood for going out either. Just the thought have being inside all day got us going in the end..... but what to do. We didn't want to be stuck in the middle of the woods when it started to poor but didn't want to go to anything indoor either - so we decided on Camden Fort in Crosshaven. We saw the fort and its volunteers a few months back on the show 'Dirty Old Town' and we were impressed what volunteers were able to achieve in such a short time. Kids will love the tunnels - it awakes the desire of adventure - which are well lit and safe. Guides are spread across the area to help with information and guidance.

Lovely Cakes on display
Designed and built by the Brits - it was used by the Irish Army from the 1930s until they vacated it in 1989. Nothing was done to the place and since its caretaker retired a short time later, the fort fell into despair. A group of volunteers agreed then with the Cork County Council to restore the fort to its former glory.

Some of the buildings are still closed but some of the rooms have been restored - including a lovely tea room. If you are not interested in military history (I am not) or historical architecture (I am) - then the tea room is definitely worth a visit. All features have been restored and the walls are painted in traditional colour. Mix & match cup and saucers gives a very cosy feel and atmosphere. Wonderful cakes are on display as well as pies and according to Mr T - they do a great coffee as well. Whenever we have good weather again - their outside decking area is amazing with views across the harbour to Spike Island and Cobh on one side and the open ocean on the other.

Charming China
The fort has so much potential - some of the rooms are used as exhibition rooms for artists (I still don't get how a rack of plates with some clipper clapper noise in the background is art - but then what do I know about art) but there is so much more these rooms can be used for. In my mind, I saw a craft village, artisan food producers filling the buildings to produce amazing fare ... I could go on and on about the possibilities (I really think a rack of plates belongs in the kitchen). Some of the ideas would even produce more revenue than they are currently getting for the entrance fee - which by the way is €4 per adult. You can also purchase a season ticket - worthwhile if you live nearby and want to have a nice cup of coffee now and then.

They are open every Saturday and Sunday until mid September - make sure to pay them a visit.....

Wonderful views

Unusual Seating 

Decking area

Keeping original features

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