Monday, February 13, 2012

Little Treat on a Friday Evening

Sometimes, I don't feel like big cooking but still fancy something tasty. And let's face it, sometimes you just deserve a little treat. I came home the other day and was dead tired (it was a long week). I had to finish some baby cards for a friend and was thinking how to treat myself after such a long week. 

The perfect little treat
A trip to the fridge solved that dilemma. A Camembert was smiling at me and I understood what he was saying with his smile - EAT ME. Since it was in his little wooden box, I just removed the plastic wrap, turned the cheese back into its little home and stabbed it (with lots of tender loving care of course), drizzled some good olive oil over it and sprinkled it with thyme (yeap, fresh from the garden - the warm weather is great for my herbs), shuffed it into the oven and baked it for 15 mins.

The result was a gooey Camembert fondue - I still had bread left from the day before and a glass of red completed my Friday afternoon treat. 

The week didn't look that long and hard anymore :-)


  1. if you have some roast garlic in the fridge - poke a clove into about 50% of the holes you lovingly stabbed - even lovelier (note if you haven't roasted any garlic recently - shame! but raw garlic works for flavour, but don't eat it)

  2. I didn't have roasted garlic - unfortunately and I was too tired to roast some (don't like the taste of the raw garlic) but I had onion & garlic bread with it - so it worked fine in the end. If I served this for friends, garlic would have been included :-)