Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Right from the Heart
So much has been written about Valentine's Day and so much money has been spent over the years. Wedding proposals, expensive dinners, overpriced flowers - it could put you off the day for good. But no - not me. I love Valentine's Day - it's the same as Mother's Day & Father's Day - a celebration. And I always want to make the day special for the special person in my life. No no, I am not taking him out (and don't expect him to take me out - see above for reasons) but I spend a lot of time making gifts. 

A box of delights
Since Mr T loves chocolates (he still blames me that he always finds my stash of chocolate - apparently I am not hiding it well enough) so I decided to make him a whole box of special chocolates. Just in time, I received a parcel from my very good friend Susanne from Germany with some new chocolate moulds - and since she is a romantic, she sent heart shaped moulds. 

Rambling through my store cupboard I found peanut butter, hazelnut spread and orange liquor. So, the decision was easy, he got 3 different flavours. So I was mixing and stirring and melting and pouring - trying to get the consistency right and hide it all from Mr T. The finished chocolates looked the part (apart from the triangles, they looked even professional).
My Italian friend (yes, I could open the United Nations in Grenagh) brought me a box of Italian sweets from a trip to Italy (yes, I shared them with Mr T) and I thought back then that the box would come in handy and was I right. I snuggly place the chocolates into the box and the only thing missing is the perfect card - that is private now...... but it was a perfect card...

Happy Valentine's Day

By the way, I will be giving a chocolate workshop before Easter. Email me on biasasta@hotmail.com if you are interested. Details to follow soon

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