Friday, October 11, 2013

Autumn/Winter Menu in Bodega Cork

When I think of Bodega Cork, I think of heritage pub, MiDaza craft beer, cocktails and a wonderful decadent interior - but I wouldn't think Good Food.... now that has been changed last night when I attended the launch of the Autumn/Winter menu - thanks to Nicola for inviting me along.

Several stalls have been set up with tastings of the new menu - and let me tell you that it looked delicious.
Not only is the focus on local producers (always a winner with me) but the chef has also been extremely creative in designing a menu that includes vegan, raw and gluten-free dishes - and for once, I didn't pull involuntarily a face (I have to admit I don't care much for vegan food) - it was simply delicious. A courgette lasagne looked as it if came out from a Michelin starred restaurant, the smoothie included spinach, apple, orange, cinnamon and more but the balance was so perfect - it felt good to eat/drink healthy.

But fear not..... I discovered the dessert table quite quickly...... and ohhhhhh it felt soooo good to eat was wicked.....

I didn't make it to the main table as it was under siege... trust me it was and I take that as a good sign. Seafood Chowder, chicken & vegetable spring roll, chicken wings with homemade BBQ sauce, Irish cheese board and more..... it can make one drooling.......

I met the chef behind the food at the launch and - due to my advanced age (don't you dare agree) - forgot his name. But we chatted quickly about the menu and his pride came across nicely when I congratulated him to the smoothie. I like it when a chef cares as it shows in the food.

For more information, simply go to or call 021 427 3756

 Bodega Cork is definitely on my food radar now and I will have to all in again for a proper dinner.

Bodega Cork is part of the Heritage Pub Group and owner Benny McCabe is working hard on opening a craft brewery opposite - so keep your eyes peeled on this blog.....

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