Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Your own Pizza Oven - it is possible

If you - like me - love pizza then you will have dreamed about your very own pizza oven. It can cost you quite a bit to have one build for your garden (although it looks fantastic) or you can take part in a workshop (Hendrik Lepel is offering workshops throughout the year - click here for more information). But you might only have a small garden and don't want to build it over with a huge BBQ.

But if you have a Kettle Grill (the round BBQ favoured by Americans) - you can have your own pizza oven. KettlePiza is an American company who have invented a gadget for the Kettle Grill that transforms your BBQ into a pizza oven (unfortunately I have an oblong Gas BBQ). The system seems to be dead easy and since you have to use coal with a Kettle Grill, you'll get the original flavour (why didn't I think of that).... The company is delivering worldwide, so there is no excuse for not having a pizza oven - I am open for any invitation for a pizza feast

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