Friday, March 9, 2012

Blog of the Week

There are many food blogs out there - I mean you are reading one at the moment. Some are good, some aren't (no question that my blog belongs to the better part). In this new series I am on the lookout for good blogs (might get some bad ones in as well - to show you how good my blog is) and introduce you to them.
That should be me next to MPW

This week's featured blog comes from Australia and is mainly written by Rebecca Varidel, who has a monthly recipe column for The Rocks Markets newsletter Sydney. Her Blog is called Inside Cuisine and peeps behind the doors of restaurant kitchens. She has guest authors who include chefs (some well known in Australia), farmers and food producers. The recipes are mostly based on Australian ingredients and you might find it hard to find some of them in Ireland but it might give you some lovely ideas for your own dishes.
Just one of the dishes featured

Rebecca Varidel is a well known food writer in Sydney and gets invited to all the posh restaurant openings, food events and appears in radio and TV shows. She is well travelled and writes about food she has eaten around the globe (if I sound jealous..... I am). She has divided her blog into categories that include masterclasses, travels and recipes. The category Masterclasses is well worth a read as she attended a small masterclass with no other than Marco Pierre White (by now I am green of envy).

But what intrigued me most was the Signature Dish series - chefs give out their signature recipes... I have a dinner party coming up and I think I might use one of the recipes.

This is a well written and interesting blog and an example that blogging can become a business opportunity.

Happy reading

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