Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ladurée - Sucré - My Cookbook Obsession

The Book
I think I mentioned before that I am collecting cookbooks - what I didn't mention is that I am obsessed with them. It is very hard to admit but so far I haven't sought out any help. Can't imagine myself standing up in front of a group and saying ' Hi, I am an addict'. Anyway, I went to Waterstones yesterday - just to kill time - and snooped around the cookbook section (I know, I should avoid this section but I was too weak) and I saw the most beautiful cookbook I have laid eyes on in years. Ladurée, Sucré - The Recipes. It came in a box, folded in silk paper with a velvety cover - what an experience opening a cookbook. Carefully did I open the book and started turning the pages - 1 by 1 with the most care I could master.... I can't explain the emotions that overcame me.

The photos that accompany the recipes showed what could be if I just got this one book - imaginations running wild how I would try these recipes and re-create the photographs - but I knew nothing could do these photos and recipes justice.

Even their website is beautiful - I can't describe it any better. They are offering an online shop and the site is available in English - more temptation for me....

Sucre features 100 sweet recipes from Laduree Pastry Chef, Phillipe Andrieu. The cafe itself was opened first in Paris in 1862 as a bakery by Louis Ernest Ladurée, a miller. The bakery was transformed into a bakery when the Garnier Opera was built. In 1993, David Holder and his father Francis Holder bought  this Parisian institution, and have since promoted and enlarged the famous “Maison”. In September 1997, a new prestigious Ladurée address both a restaurant and tea room opened on the Champs-Elysées. The mission of the President David Holder is to bring back the great classics, which have contributed to the reputation of the ‘salon de thé’, as well as create an environment for gastronomic creativity in Paris. With him, Ladurée will be a tea salon, pastry shop, restaurant, chocolate shop and an ice cream parlor.

Did I buy the book ???? - not yet but be ensured the desire is burning and since I am weak, I will do it soon.

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