Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Critics are back

I am delighted that Club Brasserie is our host for our April Critic's Night. Harold & Beth have been in the restaurant business for 20 years and have still the passion for food to create an outstanding menu. Both are looking forward to meeting the Critics and are planning an excellent evening for us. 

Price per person is €34 and includes canapés on arrival and a dinner - and here is the surprise which I am not revealing :-) - we are changing the layout slightly but it will be a fun evening with excellent food. Booking is essential as places are limited and need to be done via 

For everyone who hasn't been at a Critic's Night yet, the concept is easy. You come, eat and judge. You will be given a questionnaire and rate the food, dish by dish including service etc. to be filled in. The feedback is anonymous and the chef doesn't see the questionnaires as I am collecting them at the end of the night. The critic can decide him/herself if he/she would like to receive a summary by adding their email address to the sheet. Again, the chef will not see it. 

These evenings have proven very successful and normally book out quickly. This is a fun way of learning about food, discovering new restaurants and meeting like-minded people. 

I am looking forward to meeting new critics - so keep spreading the word.

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