Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Transforming a Chocolate Tin

Ok, this is not a recipe but since Christmas is coming up and these chocolate tins will pile up in my house (let's face it, Mr T is a chocoholic) I was thinking of ways to dispose or use them. So, since packaging a gift is always tricky and can get expensive with all the wrapping paper etc I thought I am using the tins as gift boxes. It is so easy and possibilities are endless - all you need is a bit of paint (I used a Dulux paint tester but you can use any paint you have left over), PVC glue, a piece of sandpaper, a brush, paper napkin with motives, a scissors and that it all.
Everything to need to transform a box of roses

First, scratch the surface of the tin with the piece of sandpaper - just to ensure that the paint will stick. Wipe the metal clean and apply the paint. Colour is up to you but keep in mind that a dark colour might not be suitable for the napkin motive (but then you can just paint a motive on it yourself). Leave to dry. When dry, apply a second coat of paint - I always leave the inner rim of the tin unpainted to make sure that the lid still fits. Leave to dry again.

Scratch the surface to ensure paint will stick to the metal
Now take the paper napkin and cut out the motive you like to apply onto the tin. You will see that the napkin has three layers of paper. Remove the lower layers so that you are left with just the thin top layer. Now brush a layer of PVC glue to the area where you like to attach the motive. Carefully place the motive on top and smooth onto the tin, removing all bubbles and wrinkles. Leave to dry - the glue will turn transparent when dry. Now paint the top of the motive with a new layer of PVC glue, careful not to damage the motive. If you want it to look professional, paint the entire tin in PVC glue - the motive will feel after about 2 layers as if it has always been on the tin. I didn't and it still looks good :-)

Place a decorative ribbon around and et voila, you have a nice gift tin.

Leave to dry and add second coat

A nice napkin with a motive

Remove layers of paper

Brush with PVC glue and leave to dry

The finished box with a nice ribbon

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