Monday, August 19, 2013

The Critics are back.....

.... and this time they are heading to Jacob's on the Mall. Head chef Trisha is looking forward to meeting the critics and get their feedback. If you always wanted to be a food critic, here is your chance. You will be treated to a 5-course tasting menu and while enjoying the food, you have to work hard to fill in a feedback form (no worries, it is totally anonymous so no chef will be chasing you down the road).

This is a wonderful dining experience; you will meet like minded people and friendships have been born over a plate of good food. You will meet the kitchen team after the dinner and you will be able to ask all these important questions like, 'How did you do it?'.....

Please email to reserve your place for the Critic's Night in Jacobs on the Mall on Thursday, 12th September at 7pm. €30 are payable on the night. I am looking forward to welcoming you in Jacobs on the Mall. And if you like to be always in the know, why not subscribe to our newsletter with upcoming events, recipes and much more - it is simple, just email me on and I will add you.

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