Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Garden Magazine

... The question is, do we need another one??? I think so when reading the new magazine published by GIY (Grow it yourself). This magazine is dedicated to the kitchen garden - in any form, may it be a plot, containers or a field - and it is Irish. Experts in their field give masterclasses on how to prepare the soil, use a polytunnel or grow vegetables in containers. Adverts are also Irish, so it is easy to get the material and tools sourced locally rather than ordering it from the UK. And let's face it, our weather doesn't match any other country, so it is useful to get help tips based on our climate. Kitty Scully who will host a kitchen garden talk for us next week is one of the experts who shares her knowledge freely.

The magazine seems to be annual rather than monthly at the moment (that might change) and can be purchased in Easons for €4.50.

GIY Ireland is a grassroots organisation and everyone is welcome. You can join with an annual subscription of €35 (individual) or €50 (for family) and you will receive quite a bit for that: the annual magazine, 7 packs of organic seeds, grower's guide, wallchart, members card and the weekly E-zine...

So, if you want to get your hands dirty, start with the magazine and come to our kitchen garden talk on May, 9th in Blarney with Kitty Scully. 'Armed' with the knowledge you will get you can call yourself a gardener.... no matter what size of garden you have. Email to book a place.

We have also teamed up with Shournagh Valley Allotments who are renting out plots on a farm. Frances & Ken are experienced farmers and are always ready with help and advise. Email Frances on, mentioning Bia Sásta.

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