Monday, February 27, 2012

Farewell Dinner in Augustine's

The news broke about 2 weeks ago that Augustine's were closing their wonderful restaurant in the Clarion Hotel and that the last dinner was held on Saturday 25th. The event was of course booked out within minutes of the news breaking but I was lucky enough to be squeezed in on Friday night by Carol. 

The shock sits deep and one wonders why you would close on the height of your success - and I am not sure if they even have reached the height yet as I was hoping for the first Michelin Star for Cork. The only hope one can have is that Brendan and Carol are staying in Cork with a new adventure ahead of them.

The 3 course dinner on Friday was excellent and I didn't expect any less from Brendan and his team. The amouse bouche was a fresh petit pois & mint soup served in a little espresso cup. It left the desire for more. The bread basket came and my senses started to tickle as I love the small bread rolls packed with lots of flavour - the black olive ones especially. 

Risotto with poached duck egg
My starter was a goats cheese roulette - I still wonder how the soft goats cheese was rolled up in the delicate pastry and then fried without breaking. It was accompanied by a leafy salad with honeycomb and beetroot slices. Fresh, light and satisfying. Mr T had the celeriac soup with white truffle and honey - a revelation. One of the best soups I have ever tasted (yeah, I know I shouldn't pick from other people's plates but I can't help it). Mr T chose the pork belly as his main and I didn't hear him talking until the plate was clear (didn't dare try to pick anything from his plate this time) and I was happy out with my lovely risotto with fresh herbs and a Parmesan tuille and a perfectly poached duck egg.

We shared a dessert of Panna Cotta with Blood orange fondue - no need for more words we both had that silly but happy look on our faces that you only get once in a while.

I can only wish Brendan, Carol and their amazing team all the best for the future and to keep fingers crossed that this talent is not lost to Cork.

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