Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jerusalem Artichokes

My good friend Sofie gave me about 3 years ago some Jerusalem Artichokes tubers and we planted them...I almost forgot about them when a few months later I was able to harvest some amazing artichokes (or sunchokes as they are also known). The first time I tried themw as in Cafe Paradiso and it came in a lovely creamy rich soup and risotto balls. Just yum. But you can of course do so much more with it (by the way, the recipe for the soup can be found in Denis Cotter's cookbook - Wild Garlic, Gooseberries and Me).

Last Sunday I made a roast chicken for Mr T and layered the roasting tray with the sunchokes, carrots, beetroot and onions. Drizzled olive oil over and and sprinkled it with rosemary and thyme - chuck it in the oven and keep basting the chicken and turning the vegetables. I wasn't able to take a photo when the tray came out of the oven as Terence tucked in straight away - but he loved it. A very simple way of cooking but it gives you a burst of flavour

Tomorrow I will let you know how to grow sunchokes bhut if you like some more recipes for sunchokes, click here

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