Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cook like Ross Lewis

Christmas Time is the time of year where more cookery books are sold than the rest of the year (that's one reason, we get so many new publications at this time of year). And I have to admit - I have a list as long as my elbow on books I REALLY need (but that is for another post). 

One of the last books I bought, was Ross Lewis' Chapter One. It's a beautiful book, celebrating not only the years of success in Chapter One but also the producers, people who gave him inspiration and his amazing team. It is a book that is easy to read with lovely anecdotes and gorgeous photos. 

The recipes are long and labour intense and one might leave the book on the coffee table and just dreams of re-creating the dishes in the book. 

Now, here is your chance to learn how to re-create the recipes in their full glory. Let me introduce you to the Master the Star @ Kinsale Gourmet Academy. Under the gentle guidance of David Rice of Kinsale Gourmet Academy, students will be divided into groups and cook a course each from the Chapter One Cookbook. David has worked with Ross Lewis, Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver. All dishes in the book have been prepared by David while working in Chapter One - so no one (apart from Ross Lewis himself) is better suited to teach the techniques, tricks and tips. 

David will assist in the preparations, will give tips on how to re-create components of each dish, explains the different techniques and ingredients.

After cooking has finished, the students will sit together and enjoy the 'fruit' of their labour. 

This class is a unique opportunity to learn from one of Ireland's best chefs and to become confident to cook on the highest level. So, join us on Saturday, 1st February from 10am - 4pm.

It is a perfect Christmas gift for the foodie in your life. Tickets for this class go for €145 and include all recipes and ingredients for the class.

Bookings can be done via 087/3168855

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