Saturday, December 28, 2013

Wedding Season starts early...

... especially if you have been proposed to over Christmas. Nothing is more romantic than your loved one on one knee in front of the Christmas tree. 

Planning a wedding is no mean feat - so much to consider and decisions to be made. Do you want a big wedding, small wedding, formal or informal, elegant or casual..... decisions decisions decisions. Here I am giving you a small hint of what you could do - leave it to the professionals and sit back and enjoy your engagement time. 

Flemings Country House & Restaurant is the perfect location for smaller weddings for up to 90 guests. Headchef and patron Michael Fleming is well known all over Ireland for his excellent cooking skills and a dinner at Flemings is always an experience - so why not make your wedding stand out from the crowd of weddings and set a new standard that every bride in the future will have to measure up to. 

Planning your Wedding Dinner

Sit-Down Dinner
Who should choose it: Couples focusing on an elegant atmosphere and relaxed feel to the wedding party. Also perfect for couples who prefer good food 

Who should avoid it: Party animals. Dinners take time
spent eating, not dancing or clinking glasses with anyone beyond your table.


Who should choose it: Those who want to offer several entrées and when room is limited to a sit down dinner. 

Who should avoid it: Couples with a 100-plus guest list (lines will form).


Who should choose it: Couples with close-knit friends and families who would enjoy the informality of a garden party.

Who should avoid it: BBQs are not for everyone and it is weather depending.

Michael Fleming believes that a menu should mirror the couple’s character and will talk through options with the couple. He never compromises on quality of his ingredients – you will always get the best. Menus can be tailored to suit all tastes, dietary requirements and budgets. The wedding guests will be talking about the dinner for years to come and your wedding will set a new standard with your family and friends.  

But don't just take my word for it - join us for a Bridal Afternoon on Sunday, 29th December between 1-6pm and see it for yourself. 

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