Thursday, November 21, 2013

Handmade Christmas Stocking

I am really in the groove for Christmas crafting - and these Christmas Stockings are so easy to make and ideal if you have scraps of leftover fabric in your basket, draws or boxes. You could even stitch a name on the top of the stocking to make it even more personal. The size can be varied by enlarging the template. Colours are up to you - I would just recommend that you decide on the order beforehand. The template can also be used for just one colour. Simply cut 2 pieces of fabric according to the template and sew together and finishing it off as below.

You don't need to be a sewing wizzard - as there is no real measuring and you have lines to follow - it couldn't be easier. You can sew it with a machine or by hand - result will be the same.

You will need:

Fabric Scraps
Bias Binding

Transfer the template onto the vlieseline (available from any fabric shop like Vibes & Scribes, Hickeys etc.) and cut out, leaving a seam of about 0.5cm.

Take 2 fabric scraps and lay them right on right and sew along the line of field 1 (see photo above)

Fold down and press the fold down with your fingernail (we will be ironing the seams later)

You can of course also do it with a machine - I just love the fact that this is so easy to do that I can do it on front of the telly. But of course, the machine will do it a lot faster. 

Continue with the rest of the fabric - always following the numbers and laying the fabric right on right when sewing and folding it down
Continue until all numbered fields have been covered. It will look a bit messy but we are trimming it all nicely into place.
Cut off the overlaying fabric along the lines and iron the seems flat out. It will soften the fabric out as well. You can see now how the stocking will look like.

Add a backing fabric and lay it right on right and sew along the edge, leaving the top open. Taking a bias binding (here I used green) and sew along the top of the stocking. You might like to stitch a name onto it - the best way of doing that would be to use AIDA fabric.
You can add now embellishments - here I added a little bell. You can use beads, sequins etc. your imagination is the limit.

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