Monday, August 12, 2013

Opening the doors - Perry Street Market Cafe

We still have wonderful people around who are brave enough to stare recession straight in the face and say: I will start a business!!!!! Brian Drinan & Paul Coffey are two of these brave - or crazy - people who simply said, we need a new cafe in Cork City and true to their word, this morning, Monday 12th August, the doors opened to Cork's newest Café, Perry Street Market Café in said Perry Street (in case you wonder where it is - it is the side street of Larry Tompkins pub). A former furniture store that was cramped, dark and cluttered, Brian & Paul were able to awaken the building once more to its deserved glory. White washed walls with muted coloured timber railings and panels give the room its warmth while the large windows let natural light in. The table tops are reclaimed from a monastery in Midleton that add history to the mix as well. I love the marriage of old and new as it brings a wonderful feel to the room.

To make better use of the large room and to add a special flair to the cafe, pop up shops of Best of Buds flowers and Memento, Homeware & Gifts are included as well as a stall for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Beautiful display of fresh produce
The focus is on local producers and the menu is based on what is in season - a recipe that still works for me. The duo were smart enough to hire Pamela Kelly as their head chef. Pamela has been head chef in Nash19 for years and has made the move to Perry Street Market Café to bring her own flair to the place. Her cooking ethos is simple - take good ingredients and let them speak for themselves. There is no need for heavy sauces, 'floral' speak that no one understands - just great ingredients combined with great cooking.

Brian Drinan - service with a smile
Does Cork really need a new café?? Yes, I think it does. It caters for the 'day folks' - opening hours are Monday to Saturday 08:00 - 18:00 and Sunday 11:00 - 17:00. I really hope that they are getting a piano in for the Sunday sessions - brunch and jazz music go hand in hand for me. So I keep my fingers crossed that they add this to their Sunday Service. And for me, it is great to have a place to go on a Sunday morning in town and I am sure it will kick off soon when news go around of a place where you can get great food on a Sunday morning.

Staff having fun at work - always a great sign
The food for breakfast is as it should be. The full Irish - you can choose which items you like. Mushrooms on toast is a dish, I can recommend highly. A mix of wonderful mushrooms with a slight coating of cream and herbs - a delicious and almost decadent dish that makes you believe in mushroom fairies.
Beautiful mushrooms on toast

Here is to the great success that the team of Brian, Paul & Pamela deserve. I am sure, their hard work and passion will have its guests returning over and over again.

Freshly baked bread from Hassett's in Carrigaline

More delicious breads & cookies

Window display

Lunch Menu

Beautiful flower arrangement on the tables

Best of Buds flower display

Homeware & Gift Shop coming soon

It's the little details that are special

History & Modern touches

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