Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Salt Sugar Smoke - Diana Henry

The first time I heard about Diana Henry and her book 'Salt Sugar Smoke' I wanted to have the book (ok, my cookbook addiction could have also something to do with it) - so here it is finally in my shelf and smiling at me, teasing me to open the pages and choose one of the wonderful recipes to re-create..... What a difficult task to just choose one. I can't wait for summer to have more choice in fruit and vegetables to cook my way through this amazing book.

Diana Henry has won several awards for her writing - she wrote several books including 'Crazy Water, Pickled Lemons' (which is now also on my wish list). Her style of writing is clear, the recipes are easy to follow and her love of food seeps through every page and recipe. You almost can follow her on her journeys of discovery to new food ventures.

Flavour combinations as you never imagined them before - anchovy mustard, summer afternoon corn relish, soy & ginger pickled green mango to name but a few. A section on home-smoking has me in total excitement to try hot smoked salmon or smoked maple & bourbon chicken, so watch this space for updates on my smoking adventures. 

Apple & Sage Jelly in the making

After I finally gave into temptation on a Sunday afternoon, to pick up the book and decide on what to make..... Apple & Sage jelly was a must (mainly, because I had all the right ingredients at home). The aroma swaying through the kitchen was fresh & musty at the same time - so homely, I was smiling inside and out. The instructions were very clear and I ended up with a clear fragrant jelly as promised.

Golden Amber in a Jar
This book is for everyone who loves preserving food but wants to step it up a bit and bring preserving to a higher level.... This is the next level and the next after that... I am happy to have met Diana Henry through her book and can't wait to get my hands on her other books...

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