Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Party @ The Cottage

Is there a better way to celebrate Christmas than being surrounded by good friends and good food? No, there isn't. So I invited my friends over for some festive cheer and mulled wine. Of course, food was also included - a party is always a nice excuse to experience with some new ideas of finger food.

I had a menu planned and started preparation well in advance - so it is easy to manage to re-produce. A few weeks ago I tried some lovely goats cheese parfait and it was so delicious that I wanted to serve it as well. After a few tries, I came up with a version that wasn't too heavy and still had the lovely taste of goats cheese. That was topped with some homemade quince paste. The combination was excellent if I say so myself.

At my wonderful baking course at Firehouse Bread Bakery in Heir Island, I was taught how to make Brioche (yeah, I know, considering how much bread I already make, it is a sin not to have tried my hands on brioche before), so I made mini brioches with liver parfait and port jelly - it looked elegant and the taste was just delicious (liver pate came from On the Pigs back).

The scotch eggs were a great success - made with quail eggs and chicken mince, as were the stufed dew peppers with feta dip. Another new item on the menu were the mini scones with parmesan, topped with tapenade and crumbled goats cheese.

Another recipe I got from the Firehouse Bread Bakery were the mini chocolate & Guinness muffins which went down a treat :-)

But here are the pictures - enjoy

Sourdough Bread

Baguettes for the cheese plate

Chocolate & Guinness Mini Muffins

Mini scones with tapenade

Mini Brioche with liver pate & port jelly

Goats Cheese Parfait with Quince Paste

Stuffed Dew Peppers with feta dip

Scotch Eggs & Lentil Balls

Pea Shots

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