Friday, September 21, 2012

Product Watch - Jus-Rol Garlic Pizza Bread

I am like the next one sometimes - I buy ready made puff pastry and since it is almost impossible to get all butter pastry, I am not that bothered about brands (yeap I even buy it from Aldi - saying that: Tesco has an buttery puff pastry but only sometimes). So, when I saw the other day that Jus-Rol has garlic pizza bread - I thought, why not give it a try. So, home we went - the Jus-Rol Garlic Pizza Bread and me.

It laid on the worktop - staring at me. Mocking me that I gave in and didn't make my own garlic bread (which is dead easy by the way). Bravely and full of expectations did I move closer and even dared to open the cardboard box. What did I expect to find inside??? Not sure but not a round cardboard box and a little tub of something. I had to read the instruction notes just to get to the inside of the inside box. It was easy in the end - just flip open the red paper triangle and rip the paper open - the tube will open up and like a mini miracle, it did.

I was left with a rectangle sheet of dough (not sure what type of dough) which was perforated to form 8 triangles. The instructions told me to spread the garlic spread (the little tub) and to place the individual triangles on a baking sheet.

All that done (the spread was not garlic butter but vegetable fat with lots of other stuff in it) - I baked it until golden brown - and guess what - it was awful. Sorry to say that. The aroma during the baking was lovely but it didn't translate into the real thing. I can't remember the price but what ever it was, it wasn't worth it. By a baguette, make some garlic-herb butter and you are sorted - much better than with Jus-Rol.....

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