Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gilberts in Cobh

A few weeks back I had my brother and his girlfriend over for a visit - it was her first time in Ireland so I was eager to show her how beautiful Ireland is (despite the rain) and I think I succeeded. She was very interested in seeing the Titanic museum, so I took them both to Cobh on a wet and windy morning.

Cobh is a beautiful town with colorful facades and original house from the last century. The train station still looks as if passengers from earlier times are expected any minute - and the museum supports that by setting you back in times.

After our visit to the museum, I walked them up to the Cathedral - the view from up there is worth the short climb and I think Cobh did its best to impress its visitors.

Gilberts in Cobh
After all that - we worked up a light appetite and since I have never been to Gilberts I decided it is time to pay them a visit. My friend Simone Kelly of Interior Living is responsible for the interior in Gilberts and I have to say, she did a great job. Light colours, beautiful lighting and clever arranged mirrors let the restaurant appear bigger then it actually is. Saying that - the space available has been used very smart so that the maximum seating has been achieved without the feel of feeling crowded.

Ploughman's Lunch
The lunch menu was short and down to the point. I personally love Ploughman's Lunch but you can be very disappointed as some people think that a few slices of supermarket rubbery cheddar is all there is. So I wanted to test Gilberts take on it. A wonderful plate of local cheeses, fresh leaves with a lovely dressing & Ballymaloe relish. Bread was a mix of white and brown bread. Was I in heaven - hell yeah.Cashel Blue, Carrigaline Farmhouse Cheese and more.... Irish cheese celebration.

My brother opted for the warm chicken salad - again, fresh leaves, tender chicken and a lovely dressing served with a bread basket. The girlfriend opted just for a salad - nothing in it just salad. She surely missed out.

The staff was attentive without bothering too much. The password for the wifi was given without hesitation (not sure why restaurants just don't write it on the menus) and the service was prompt.

I will have to go for the evening sitting - just to see how the actual cooking goes down.

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