Monday, June 11, 2012

Kitchen Gagdets - A Must??

Not sure about you but I love kitchen gadgets - not that I have many, apart from my mixer, grinder and amazing kitchen machine (oh, and I have an espresso machine - ok, Mr T has) but I love to walk through kitchen shops and think, if I had a bigger kitchen (my kitchen is quite big) or if I ever won the jackpot (for most gadgets you will need a big jackpot) and then - do I really need all these little things that take so much room decide. Below are some gadgets I came across....let me know what you think.

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Lock

Save Ben & Jerry
If you  - like me - are mad about Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, you might want to lock it away from these pesty little thieves that come in the middle of the night and grab the last tub of wonderful creamy ice cream..... now you have the tool, a combination lock to save the best for yourself (I think you can still rip off the bottom or top on the tub but it might let some of the pesters hesitate to grab what is rightfully can get this little life saving gadget for $6.60 at Ben & Jerry's....

French Fries (or simply chips) slicer

Best invention since sliced bread
Ok, ok - this is not a new gadget as I remember it being around our kitchen when I was a kid and frozen chips not yet invented (or they were but just tasting horrendous - I think I am outing my age here). My dad would have never used frozen chips back then (unlike now that he has to peel the spuds himself) and the good old chips slicer was a handy tool in our house. Why not give this a try - you will see such a difference to these awful chips from the bag (and it always frightens the living daylight out of me when they advertise that they are using real potatoes - what else did they use before????). It gives you the right size chip and all you need to do is either pop them into the deep-fat fryer or if you - like me - don't have one, toss them in oil and place them onto a baking sheet and pop them into the oven. You will never want to eat the 'other' stuff.

Mixing Bowl Scale

Clever Mixing Bowl
We are all about saving space these days as kitchens are getting smaller and smaller (a nightmare for me) so this little cutie would fit right into the new kitchen....a mixing bowl that weights the how clever is that. You can buy this one at Firebox (a great website for gadgets of all kinds) for a mere £30. It runs on AAA batteries and the display unit can be easily detached from the bowl so that you can pop it into the dishwasher. You can weigh all types of weighable baking is a breeze now.... no excuse anymore....

I will keep my eyes peeled on all new things happening in the gadget world and will update you regularly... happy cooking

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