Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Rant - Vegetarian Options in Restaurants

It is 2012 and the taste of diners has changed. Paying guests do expect more options these days than just the typical Roast Beef (nothing wrong with it) and the Chicken Breast with some overcooked veggies and gravy with no flavour. Some people are meat eaters but want to eat less for health reason.  But have restaurants realised the change in taste?? Have they adapted? My opinion - not really. Most restaurants only offer the very boring veggie stir fry or veggie curry (mostly a mix of the vegetable side dish - meaning they are simply using the same vegetables they are using for the Roast Beef) - boring indeed.

My favourite restaurant in Cork is Cafe Paradiso - obviously but not only because it is a vegetarian restaurant (I do eat fish - so I do go to 'normal' restaurants as well) but because they are creative in their cooking. Restaurants like Augustine's (still a big loss to Cork City), Fenn's Quay and Les Gourmandise having started to be more adventurous with the vegetarian option and have it actually as part of their daily menu rather than just a little mentioning between kiddies meal and the side dishes.
Vegetarian Food can look so delicious

Why are chefs so afraid of trying something new - it is depressing to read menus these days - if you are lucky you get a tart with caramelised onions and goats' cheese - gosh, how exciting. Some might say, that no one is ordering the vegetarian option - of course not, why would they if most people can cook better at home.

This is a call to all chefs out there - please get some cookbooks and try something new and exciting. Prove to your paying diners that you actually care about food and that you can cook more than just the 'usual stuff'.

Let me know what you think....

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