Thursday, April 26, 2012

Heston at Home

Heston Blumenthal at Home
I have to admit, I have an addiction to cookbooks. Funny, considering that I never follow recipes but make up my own. But I love to read them like other people read novels and I love the food photography which in the last few years has become outstanding - just think of Tessa Kiros and Nigella Lawson who have written wonderful books. Also, cookbook writers are getting more personal these days and let their readers into their lives. Jamie Oliver being one of the first with his series 'The Naked Chef' where his then girlfriend and now wife played a role and was seen in the books and the TV series. Therefore I think I have an excuse to buy so many cookbooks - in the end, they are biographies, novels and cookbooks all in one.

When I said, I never follow recipes, I meant that I read a recipe and then make it up as I go along (that's why it is so hard for me to actually give people recipes as I use what is at hand and I don't time things as I have a feel for it - and that is hard to explain). But I think I will make an exception for Heston Blumenthal, who's book 'Heston Blumenthal at Home' is my latest addition to my library (yes, let's call it that - a library). I saw the book a few weeks ago in Waterstones and thought, nahhh not another one....but since our Blindtasting in Fenn's Quay which was inspired by this book, I had a change of mind. So the other day, being in town and having time to 'waste' I went to Waterstones and didn't have to look hard as the book was placed in plain sight for me to see straight away (call it Karma). €37 is not really a bargain but hey, an addiction is an addiction.
Lamb Jelly

Money well spent I think (but then I say that of each of my books) - the photos are amazing and the recipes are creative to say the least (he really has his bacon ice cream recipe in there). At the Blindtasting, we had the Bruleed Liver Parfait, tea infused home-smoked salmon and the butternut squash soup with hazelnut and rosemary powder - each dish a delight that was enjoyed by our guests.

Friends of mine are heading to Sardinia mid May for about 6 months (not that I am jealous at all) and we invited them over for dinner next week. So, I am thinking of cooking a Heston Blumenthal Dinner. What about a Bruleed Mushroom Parfait, Lamb Jelly & Cucumber Salad and a Liquorice Poached Salmon??? Sounds good, doesn't it?? Just to let you know, the Lamb Jelly will take about 3 days to make but good friends are worth the effort, right??
Liquorice Poached Salmon

This is a book that serious home cooks will love as it challenges as much as it inspires. The only negative part of the book is the section on Sous Vide cooking - I don't have a Sous Vide and I don't know anybody who has but good old Heston just assumes that we have one standing around....but apart from that, I can't wait to try some of the recipes. Keep an eye out for updates on this

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