Thursday, February 9, 2012

L'Atitude 51

Emmanuelle and Beverly opened L'Atitude51 to great acclaim last night and I was lucky enough to receive an invite for the official opening. L'Atitude 51 is located on Union Quay - formerly An Cruibin and has gotten a gentle make-over. They kept the atmosphere and just freshened the interior where it needed.

I know Emmanuelle from Bubble Brothers where she not only shared her knowledge about wine but was also a great contact for customers. She also started the Wine Cert Course again. Beverley & Emmanuelle met when they both studied wine and rightfully thought that Cork needs a proper Wine Bar & Cafe. They both created a wonderful wine list and what I love most about it is that it is not divided into Red & White but into taste. 'A Hint of Spice' or 'For Meditation' 'Something Sweet' are just a few options. I saw some lovely Portuguese wines on the list - can't wait to go back to try them (I was told by a Portuguese girl that Portugal is keeping their good wines to themselves). You want to know which wines???? - Go and check it out. You won't be disappointed.
They will also offer light meals and based on the food we were served last night - you will be in for a treat. I loved the fact that the wine is the main attraction and that the food is complemented the wine rather than the other way around.

The staff on duty last night was excellent. Smiling, informative and attentive - that's a recipe for success. I will write a bit more about L'Atitude when I go back for a proper visit and I am sure I will be in for a treat.

L'Atitude 51 is not only a wine bar but also a 'Wine-University'. You can attend workshops and learn all there is to learn about wine. Can't wait for their program to come out and see what they have planned.

Do we need another bar???? Not sure - but we DO need L'Atitude 51. I wish Emmanuelle & Beverly all the best for the future

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