Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Best Herbed Salt

My herb garden has provided me with a lot more herb that I could use in my normal cooking (small tip - lemon balm has the habit of taking over - so either leave it in a pot or in its on bed) so I made my famous (yeap, my foodie friends know this salt for years) herbed salt. I am actually embarrassed to admit how easy it is but here we go - you need a good mix of herbs - I used parsley, rosemary, sage (purple and green), thyme and some dried chilli. The combination of herbs will determent the flavour of the salt (too much rosemary might overpower the other herbs). I always add chilli to the mix as it first of all looks nice with the red speckles in it but it also lifts the salt into a new dimension. Some grated lemon zest makes the herbs come alive.

Simply wash and dry (best overnight) the herbs, put them together with the salt (about 500g) in a food processor and blitz until all herbs are mixed up with the salt. I personally don't like my salt to be too fine, so I blitz the herbs separately and mix the salt in afterwards.

I have a big jar which I keep in the fridge but it is also a lovely gift for your friends. I collect small jam jars (the ones you get sometimes in restaurants when ordering scones) and at Christmas my friends get it as a stocking filler.

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